Playtech Review

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Established in 2000 Playtech has since established themselves as being a major player amongst software providers specializing in gaming systems. Not only do they excel in the development of casino software they also are heavily involved in the production and development of poker, bingo, skill based and kiosk type gaming system.

In 2005 Playtech took their company public with an IPO on the London Stock Exchange in order to both raise money to help with future growth of the company and in order to be able to make acquisitions of other companies and more importantly to establish credibility amongst both players and the gaming industry alike.


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The IPO did very well until the passing of the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act) was passed in 2006 when Playtech made a public statement that they would no longer be accepting players who live in the United States. This new mandate was put into order to mitigate any potential issued liability issues a transparent public company could encounter from maintaining a presence in the U.S. after the signing of such a bill into law.

Of all the software providers one thing can be said for certain about Playtech is that they like to get their hands in everywhere they can. Hence their strategy to be involved in all aspects of online gaming ranging from poker to land based gaming operations though the kiosks they develop. We personally believe that because of this they are good all around in each of the products they develop but their not overly amazing in one.